Available in a variety of colors, densities, and textures, the  Volumizer adds volume, texture, and color enhancements, including fantasy colors, without chemicals. Each Volumizer is customized to fit your individual needs and wants, creating a natural and beautiful look.

As a wig alternative, it does not require tape, glue or adhesives, and feels so natural and comfortable that people forget they have it on. Integrated with your own hair, it is 100% hand-tied with a unique silicone base technology that is self-molding, soft, flexible, and comfortable.

It can be blow dryed, curled, flat ironed, crimped, etc., or worn natural. And it can be ordered straight, deep curl, or body wave. Get excited, and contact Park Terrace Hair Styling for an appointment. The initial consultation is FREE. See you soon!

Kirsten, from New York City says - "I have always had beautiful, healthy hair, but my hair is very fine. As I have matured, it has become thinner around the hair line and more difficult to style. I found that more and more of  my hair would just go flat. One day while looking at the mirror it occurred to me that my hair was making me look older. I am a young-at-heart person with a very active life. I was introduced to an Evolve Certified Stylist who did a professional consultation with me and selected the color, texture, and density that was right for me. Now my hair has the appearance of being thick and healthy, and I think it makes me look young again. No one knows I'm wearing a Volumizer because my hair is integrated with it, so it blends naturally. I can now depend on my hairstyle holding up all day, even with my busy schedule. It is better than a face lift at a fourth  of the price. Thanks Evolve!"

Non-surgical, non-chemical, non-wig alternative.

Shower in it, sleep in it, play in it, live in it!

Thin Hair Solved!



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Hair Loss Hair Extension

Hairpiece Alternative in Minneapolis

Introducing Evolve Volumizer, a unique semi-permanent hairpiece that provides unlimited options for both hair needs, and fashion wants. It is designed for women with up to a 50-percent hair loss in the crown, and for people with fine, thin, or damaged hair.

It lays flat to the head, is weightless and comfortable, and can be worn naturally day and night, without removing. Beautiful 100% human hair that has a soft, smooth touch with flawless texture, and behaves naturally, moving and feeling like your real hair! Discover  below what Kirsten has to like about it...